It's time to make New York work for all of us


We must prioritize the future of New York State and this country. We must protect the educational system from privatization and capitalization from corporations while securing funding by raising taxes on Wall Street. We must have strong leadership to correct the inequity and inadequate support our students have been plagued with for decades. 

Our schools are overcrowded and underfunded. Our teachers are overburdened and underpaid. Our students are overwhelmed and underperforming. The New York State Constitution guarantees a sound basic education to all children. We cannot continue to fail future New Yorkers.

  • Guarantee quality education for all students

  • Fully fund every school district through Foundation Aid

  • Expand mental health counseling services

  • Support good teachers

  • Safer schools

  • Expand after school programs

  • Renovate outdated schools


Even though we live in the richest city in the world, our infrastructure and transportation are horrid. We have crumbling subway stations, “ghost bus” routes, and poorly constructed and congested highways. These inferior mechanics are not worthy of being attached to our city or this state. We must work to address these problems along with the reality that the New York population will continue to grow. Innovative and bold ideas are necessary. 


Our infrastructure problems are significant but solvable. I have worked with brilliant engineers and architects and will continue to work with them to develop innovative ideas. We must hold our elected officials responsible for the stagnation in NY infrastructure and work towards solving this issue.

  • MTA accountability and oversight

  • Revitalize the BQE

  • Reform bus network to address unoccupied buses and illogical bus routes

  • End MTA fare increases

  • Build rapid ferries to connect boroughs

  • Expand bike lanes and paths

  • Ensure transit is accessible for disabled & elderly 


We need to systematically address the issues that consistently cause our fellow citizens to end up in legal trouble and imprisonment. The public should not fear police officers but should welcome the sight of those tasked with serving and protecting us. I will fight to bridge the divide between our neighbors and our brothers and sisters in blue.


Recent events over the past few years have revealed the dire need for criminal justice reform in NY and this country. Many live in fear of threats from those who should protect and serve. Some give up driving after a certain time, in order to avoid being pulled over, while others change what they feel comfortable wearing in order to conform. This is unacceptable and a ramification of the greatest sin of this country. We must work to fully eliminate all traces of discrimination from all aspects of life in New York. 

  • Uphold & continue bail reform

  • Police accountability & transparency

  • Special investigators to independently investigate killings by police

  • Prioritize rehabilitation, not imprisonment

  • Invest in social workers 


  • Decriminalize psychedelics


Too many New Yorkers live in fear of eviction, while others are crushed by rising property taxes. Rampant harassment and discrimination are alive and thriving in tenant housing. These things combine to foster the growth of gentrification, which is displacing families who have lived here for decades.


We must address this urgent issue because too many families struggle to find affordable housing, resulting in constant fear of the threat of eviction. Many in my district are rent-burdened, spend close to 50% of their earnings on rent, and struggle to make ends meet. We cannot allow this process, nor gentrification, to continue.

  • Protect tenants from unreasonable eviction

  • Stablize rent

  • Property tax relief for working class New Yorkers

  • Support for first-time homebuyers

  •  Rein in the real estate lobby

  • Greater NYCHA oversight & accountability 


The backbone of our economy is small business owners; however, they are being chased away by big box stores. I will fight to protect small business owners so they may thrive in New York. We must also protect unions, which have been steadily declining in New York.


The middle class is being forgotten. Wages have remained stagnant as productivity continues to rise. This is a result of increasing corporate profits. We must tax these mega-corporations to ensure that they pay for the profits they have earned from us. Also, we must strengthen unions and promote small businesses.

  • Protect workers' right to bargain collectively

  • Increase tax breaks for small businesses

  • Lower sales tax

  • Less red tape & bureaucracy for small businesses

  • Promote women & minority-owned businesses

  • Give small businesses & workers a voice in government


Healthcare is a right. We must reverse the thought process that medical care should be profit-driven. We cannot allow state legislators to cut Medicaid funding. Many families have to deal with the unconscionable decision of sacrificing medical care in order to provide food. 


We cannot allow this to continue. I will work tirelessly to guarantee that all New Yorkers have quality health insurance. Care for the sick cannot be qualified as an economic burden, such that we live in a society where profit-driven health services are the norm. No one in this state should ever have to choose between feeding their family or going to the doctor. New Yorkers must demand that their representatives support the New York Health Act, or we must find new representatives who will do it for us. We need comprehensive, long-term solutions. 

  • Pass the New York Health Act 

  • Ensure all New Yorkers have access to health insurance regardless of employment

  • New public hospital in Staten Island

  • Increase support for mental health treatment

  • Fight the opioid crisis

  • Pass legislation to prohibit unfair drug pricing

  • Expand access to affordable medical care